Pooyan.Co 2014 (1393) Latest Event:

Pooyan Co has Published Its Newest Version of IT Service Management Solution :

This new version has developed by Mr. Pourdad Daneshmand, as Project manager and main developer during 2 years research and development.This solution will bring many values to your organization and will improve your IT management process significantly.

Pooyan ITSM key Features in a glance views:

  • Live detecting, scanning and saving in Database all IT assets information in organization network. All assets will have an profile that will update with any changes
  • Full compatible with active directory / LDAP. its user management is fully compatible and according with active directory and user management in your organization
  • And end to end ticketing process from client request to client satisfaction evaluation. All steps in process will be tractable by stakeholders.
  • IT assets prevental maintenance end to end process from planning to reporting and closing PM Projects.
  • IT assets warehousing and reserving system
  • Many different, managerial and analytical report by Pentaho BI
  • Developed base on Intalio BPMS in process layer and .Net framework 4.0 through integration between Intalio and .Net.


For more Info, Please study the Brochure and Technical info doc at below link:



Pooyan and Newgen Co have formed partnership agreement for developing New Generation of BPM solution. Pooyan is Newgen preferred partner in Iran :

Newgen is offering Omni Flow product suite. It is a comprehensive Full BPM Suit that has positioned itself in Market as top 5 BPM solutions in world. It is really One World One Workplace. It means through using Newgen BPM Suit you have all tools you need to develop an enterprise software solution and Integrate able solution with the current legacies systems in one. 




Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Hybrid Marketing solution will lunch soon

Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Hybrid Marketing solution will lunch soon. The idea of this solution fully belongs to Mrs. Farzaneh Daneshmand (founder and Managing director of Pooyan Co.). She has developed this idea by combining 3 concepts: e-Supply chain management + social networks + e-commerce. She is sure her solution is serious competitive for some companies like face book and etc. You can contact with her and ask more about her idea.

IntalioBPMSTrainingCourseat Professional Level

Intalio BPMS Training Course at Professional Level After running the Intalio BPMS Training course at basic level Pooyan is going to lunch New Intalio BPMS Training course at Professional level for national water and wastewater (NWE) Co and it's all subsidiaries companies. It will be comprehensive training journey through Intalio BPMS. NEW Co. and its subsidiaries are going to be Pooyan long term customer



Pooyan New version of ITSM product with competitive advantages features

The new version of Pooyan Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution is going to lunch 30 next business days from now with a surprising price and with many features for IT Managers to overcome on daily challenges. Let' have a glance views on its features and please send us a feedback what you feel about it:

Pooyan ITSM modules:

  • Ticketing
  • Scan Network Inventories
  • Automatic detecting asset movement
  • IT assets Preventable Maintenance
  • Hardware assets allocated process by planned requested
  • IT department staff tasks management
  • IT assets life cycle management
  • IT Services problem knowledge management
  • User management base on Active and LDAP
  • Different analytical and managerial reports



Pooyan RITM Methodology

Pooyan RITM methodology is the way we guarantee every business software development life cycle at enterprise level. RITM methodology is a hybrid methodology RUP+ Enterprise Architecture + BPMN standard. RITM that has been created by Mr. Hojjat Javadi , the CEO of Pooyandeh Peyk Company (Pooyan and Pooyandeh Payek have MOU in field of BPMS) , has been realized and developed through Pooyan Co BPMS projects during 3 years ago. The rational reasons for developing RITM return to Pooyan BPMS Projects. During doing these projects we faced with many challenges in customer sites. We will share them through our case studies in near future. But in summary, customers think by buying a BPMS engine they will easily develop their software. And this was our bog challenges meanwhile they does not have well defined and well model business processes. We overcome on this through using RITM Methodology. Now we believe the most important thing in BPMS Project is the methodology and approach to projects not tools of course Intalio is one of best open source tools. In near future we will have more discussion about this methodology in Pooyan web site and we will publish them in case study format. Before it if you like to know more please contact us.


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Market Research Process Management tool


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Market Research Process Management tool, will lunch for Marjan tile 30 days next. Marjan tile is the best Co in ceramic and tile industry in quality and innovation in design. Ask us about this product if you feel it meet your company requirements. FYI, we have added the picture of one of end to end process that we implemented it on Intalio BPMS. (It is in Persian language for Iranian Co. and it will translate in English language in format of case study)


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Human Resource Management tool


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Human Resource Management tool, will lunch for Marjan tile 30 next business days from now. Marjan tile is the best Co in ceramic and tile industry in quality and innovation in design.


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Refinery sale solution

Pooyan New products name as Pooyan Refinery sale solution will lunch for Shiraz oil refinery will lunch 30 next business days from now. The most important feature in this solution is combining middle ware programming for data entry from meters tools with .Net software programming. Shiraz Oil refinery is first Iran oil refinery and it is our pleasure to deliver our service to this prestige Co.


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan e-Quality Management System (e-QMS)


Pooyan New products name as Pooyan e-Quality Management System (e-QMS) will lunch 30 next business days from now as a pilot project for Fars rustic water and waste water utility.


Pooyan New Customer: it is pleasure for us that new customer name as Mobile Part Center Co. (MPC)


Pooyan New Customer: it is pleasure for us that new customer name as Mobile Part Center Co. (MPC) has joined to Pooyan CO. MPC is doing business in field of Mobile Phone as largest whole seller at Fars province of Iran. Pooyan is developing an integration solution for whole seller segments. It contain main module:


  • E-hypermarket
  • E-sale and marketing
  • E-CRM
  • E-SCM
  • HRM
  • Accounting management
  • Market analyze
  • Asset Management
  • In bound and out bound logistic
Pooyan is Developing Project Management Information and Procurement (PMIP) Integrated Solution for Civil, Construction, Water and waste water Utilities

Pooyan PMIP enables companies to utilize, optimize and run their projects successfully. This solution covers all projects life cycle from birth to deliver. The Pooyan PMIP cover requirements and concerns of all parties in a project; Suppliers, Consultants and Companies.

The main modules of Pooyan PMIP are:

• Portfolio Management
• Feasibility Study
• Detail Design
• Budget Commitment
• Procurement Material and Services (Indent Management, Sourcing, Purchasing, Delivery)
• Project Planning (any Level of WBS)
• Risk Management
• Quality Assurance
• Project Control
• Project Knowledge Management
• Deliver

Pooyan IS going to producing Small ERP solution for Small whole seller Business

The main modules of Pooyan Small ERP for Small Whole Seller Business are:

• CRM Portal
• Order Management Multi Level
• Sales and marketing
• Accounting Management
• Managerial Accounting
• Procurement to pay
• Material Management

Pooyan Is Going to launch the Newest e-Post service - Coming Soon Pooyan e-Post service as IRAN Hybrid Mail Solution(IHM).This service will decrease the cost
Of postal services about 400% for post companies and citizens.

Coming Soon.


Pooyan Is Going to launch Intalio Ticketing - Coming Soon

Pooyan.Co Is going for launch intalio ticketing web site for trubleshooting intalio problems and consulting for
BPM methodologies and more...
Coming Soon


First Intalio-BPMS Training In IRAN is Launched :

In 2013 , Pooyan.Co Launch First Intalio-BPMS Training For Water and Waste Water company.
With the acquisition of technical knowledge In Intalio-BPMS technology field ,That achieved
during 2 years, Now Pooyan.Co ready for Lunch Intalio-BPMS Training Course for all organization...


First Refinery Accounting Solution(RAS) With Intalio-BPMS and ASP.NET Released In IRAN for
Shiraz Oil Refinery :

Pooyan.Co Released first RAS application in IRAN for Shiraz Oil Refinery in 2012(1391) . Full cycle management process for records the amount of products loading that load by meter or Weighing machines...


First New Product Design(NPD) With Intalio-BPMS and ASP.NET Released In IRAN for Marjan Tile.Co

Pooyan.Co Released first NPD application in IRAN for Marjan Tile.Co in 2012(1391)
Full cycle management planning process implementation for a new plan includes all the advanced
features for planning and control of projects....


Released IT Asset Managment(ITA) With Intalio-BPMS and ASP.NET for Shiraz Oil Refinery

Pooyan.Co Released IT Asset Managment(ITA) for Shiraz Oil Refinery in 2012(1391)
Full cycle management process for
  • Information Technology support services
  • Control and Planning activities of the information technology unit
  • Automatic identification Hardwares and Softwares system
  • The process of reservation goods
  • Management Information Bank of All Information Technology Assets( 70 Tables)
  • And More ...


Released General Asset Managment(GAM) With Intalio-BPMS and ASP.NET for Shiraz Oil Refinery

Pooyan.Co Released General Asset Managment(GAM) for Shiraz Oil Refinery in 2012(1391)
Full cycle management process for
  • Supply planning
  • Request consumer items
  • Warehouse inventory and consumer items
  • And More...


Released Human Resource Management(HRM) With Intalio-BPMS and ASP.NET

Pooyan.Co Released Human Resource Management(HRM) in 2012(1391)
Full cycle management process for
  • Personnel information
  • Planning of projects and activities
  • The process of Personel entry and exit
  • The calculation of the salary
  • And More ...



BPM Implementation For Enterprise Intalio BPMS

Pooyan company after years of research and study on BPMS technology and there are several products in this area , 2 years ago decided to enter the BPMS field.To enter this field, the company choose Intalio BPMS ,That  Product manufacturer as the manufacturer of the BPMS Technology. The reason for choose this product by Pooyan.Co , Create a unique competitive advantage and combining  competitive advantage with  10 years of experience in the BPM field.We have selected a product that literally BPMS acts.During 2 years of continuous and relentless efforts the Pooyan company was able to produce five products based on this platform and now Pooyan.Co as a specialized company in the field of BPMS are known.The company utilizes a knowledge management and a team could have dominated in the past 2 years to acquire this knowledge.

" Now The Pooyan.Co company is willing to match your organization has prepared a great development "

Open Source Development and Consulting

Pooyan Company is ready to offer Solutions , Consulting and Development Open Source Discussion In E-COMMERCE , BPM,BPMS, Enterprise Architecture , Web Application , Content Management System(CMS) , Portal Development (Liferay)



Portal Development Including Lifreay

Liferay Portal was, in fact, created in 2000 and boasts a rich open source heritage that offers organizations a level of innovation and flexibility unrivaled in the industry. Thanks to a decade of ongoing collaboration with its active and mature open source community, Liferay's product development is the result of direct input from users with representation from all industries and organizational roles. It is for this reason, that organizations turn to Liferay technology for exceptional user experience, UI, and both technological and business flexibility.Liferay, Inc. was founded for a purpose greater than revenue and profit growth. Each quarter we donate to a number of worthy causes decided upon by our own employees. In the past we have made financial contributions toward AIDS relief and the Sudan refugee crisis through well-respected organizations such as Samaritan's Purse and World Vision. This desire to impact the world community is the heart of our company, and ultimately the reason why we exist.

CMS Development Including Alfresco

Alfresco was founded in 2005 by John Newton, co-founder of Documentum, and John Powell, former COO of Business Objects. Its investors include leading investment firms Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund and SAP Ventures.Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management (ECM). It couples the innovation of open source with the stability of a true enterprise-class platform.The open source model allows Alfresco to use best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community, to get higher quality software produced more quickly at a much lower cost.Alfresco's goal is to not only provide an open source offering, but also to surpass commercial ECM offerings in terms of features, functionality and benefits to the user community.


Microsoft .NET Based Develope

Microsoft Platform Development Based on :



  • Desktop Application

  • Silverlight Application

  • MSSQL Server Technology


J2EE Resources , JSR Portlet Development , JSF , Struts ,JSP and Hibernate

J2EE Platform Development Based on :

  • Java Portlet For Liferay

  • Web Application

  • Hibernate

  • Desktop Application

Pooyan Customers :






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